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Destination Weddings

There is definitely something romantic about having destination weddings. Though not everyone wants to fly off somewhere to get married on the beach or at a swanky resort, many find this is somethin........ Read More

Wedding Cake Activities

Upon arrival at the wedding reception, many guests head for the cake table so they can admire the cake. Some time later, the bride and groom come along for a picture opportunity and the grand cutti........ Read More

7 Advantages To Buying Plus Size Wedding Lingerie Online

Wedding lingerie is an important part of a bride's trousseau because it allows a bride to feel elegant, desirable and sexy. However, plus size brides often face a challenge finding wedding lingerie........ Read More

Cheap Candy Wedding Favors

Cheap candy wedding favors? Yes, that is what many brides want, and you may, too. You want your wedding reception to be memorable, but you are trying to be financially responsible. You want to give ca........ Read More

Create Something Beautiful And Unique Wedding Favors

As they say, there’s only one thing in life that’s constant and that’s change. Change is as inevitable as the rising and setting of the sun. It can be a minor change that you’d barely notice, ........ Read More

Good Wedding Photography - The Crap Snap

Finally the big day is upon you so let us make it the most memorable day of your life. Your wedding plans has taken up a lot of your time over the months, now let's go knock them dead with all your e........ Read More

Wedding Ceremony Songs

Most people choose to include music in their wedding ceremony. It has been a long standing tradition to have music for the arrival of the bridal party, and also to have a special song for the bride........ Read More

Wedding Toast Activities

Giving a toast is a responsibility that puts fear in the speaking hearts of most members of a wedding party. While it's not usually something that is particularly long or involved, it's public speak........ Read More

Writing The Perfect Wedding Speech Or Wedding Toast

If you’re not feeling creative, there are a lot of ways to come up with a great speech or toast, so don’t feel like you’re under too much pressure. Yet. When stealing is good Before we go in........ Read More

Connecticut: A Great Place To Have Your Wedding

If you are engaged and considering destinations to celebrate your wedding, Connecticut can provide many luxurious opportunities. For couples with families and friends in the Boston and New York City a........ Read More

Poetry As A Important Part Of The Wedding

Poems, for such a long time, have been used to express one's feelings and emotions and to record events and thoughts in an artistic form. Reading poems during a wedding can enhance the beauty of the e........ Read More

Showcase The Kids On Your Wedding Day

With all the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparations, it’s hard to step back and breathe, let alone develop a sense of humor about the event. Sure, it’s a joyous occasion. However, will ........ Read More

Wedding Planners

There is a lot to think about when planning a wedding. If you are the bride, you have so much on your mind that something is bound to be forgotten. That is when wedding planner books, or even hiring w........ Read More

Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries

The day of wedding that was awaited since long is gone. The couple has joined millions of other couples in the dull existence of life. A routine life with nothing exciting. Instead of flowers and love........ Read More

The Perfect Wedding Ring That Will Last Forever

The wedding ring is perhaps the single most important piece of jewelry that you will give to your spouse in your lifetime. It is important that you choose a timeless ring that will not become outdated........ Read More


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Wedding Bridal Bridesmaid Groom
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