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Las Vegas Wedding Invitation Wording - Help Is Here

Wedding invitation wording can be found all over the Internet, but what about Las Vegas wedding invitation wording? This is where brides getting married in Las Vegas or brides having a Las Vegas theme........ Read More

Picking Your Wedding Official: What You Need To Know

To truly capture the spirit of your wedding day, you will need to find a pastor or a minister that represents your faith. And of course, you also want to choose someone that will do your ceremony just........ Read More

Buying Your Wedding Gown

You have looked at dozens of bridal magazines and hundreds of dresses and finally you’ve found a couple that they really like. Now what? Head off to a bridal shop with pictures of the dresses you ar........ Read More

There’s More To Wedding Invitations Than You Might Think

Everybody talks about wedding invitations, but what about all the other terms and items that are associated with them. Below are explanations of some of the more common terms and items that you’ll ........ Read More

Wedding Tips And Advice

You've waited for it, you've imagined it, you've planned it: your wedding day! The day when everything should be perfect and nothing should go wrong... but you fear for the worst and you are so worrie........ Read More

Say Your Own Wedding Vows - Spoken Words You Want To Hear

How to make your wedding special and unique is not a hard to do. All you have to remember is by doing it all your own way then you have accomplished just that. In today`s society many couples are cond........ Read More

Wedding Music - The Soundtrack To Your Perfect Day

So you are planning your Wedding Day and its going to be perfect. You have the flowers, cake, invitations, your dress, his outfit, and favors sorted. Your own fair hand has written your Wedding Vows,........ Read More

Choosing A Unique Wedding Band

Styles and choices in wedding bands have changed drastically over the past few years. Because everyone seems to be looking for something that is unique and different, jewelers are offering more choice........ Read More

3 Things To Pay Attention To For Your Budget Wedding

Getting married is one of your most important day of our lives. Some people tend to have a budget wedding as to save their money for some practical reasons. What important to know is that a budget w........ Read More

Buying The Perfect Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the most important considerations that the bride and groom must make. Wedding invitations give guests all of the information they need in order to make plans to attend t........ Read More

Wedding Invitations: Proper Invitation Etiquette

With all the expenses typically associated with preparing for a wedding, there is the temptation to put less emphasis on certain aspects of the ceremony. Stationary often falls into this category. Inv........ Read More

Guide To Eternally Memorable Wedding Photos

Your wedding is one of the most beautiful and important days in your life. Something you definitely want to capture with great photographs - both for yourself and for future generations. However, a wo........ Read More

50th Wedding Anniversary Planning

Jean looked through the window at the birds flying calmly in the sky and some dogs running on the beach. It was a nice day and she felt calm and content to be there, memories came back from her ........ Read More

Making The Most Of Your Wedding: The Wedding Vows

There is no doubt that planning a wedding can be one of the most daunting tasks a person can undergo. Since the majority of the work traditionally falls upon the bride and her family (let’s face it,........ Read More

Avoid Wedding Rip-offs

Planning a wedding can be a stressful event. The last thing you need is to be ripped-off by an unscrupulous wedding vendor or planner. Here are a few tips to help avoid this problem. Make Your Weddin........ Read More


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