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A Practical Wedding Planner

RRP $8.79

First comes love, then comes . . . planning! Before a fabulous celebration, there are vendors to hire, budgets to calculate, decisions galore to make.
Wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming, but with the helpful how-tos and insider advice in this handy wedding book, you can forget the stress and focus on creating a day that truly reflects you as a couple. A Practical Wedding Planner has everything you need to navigate the wedding planning process in a way that is simple, meaningful, and really enjoyable.
A Practical Wedding Planner 's team of experts will help you plan a memorable, and perfectly personalized wedding

A Storybook Event Wedding Coloring Book

RRP $18.99

You will LOVE coloring in this delightful book full of full-page illustrations and sketches of recognizable wedding scenarios, quotes about love and marriage, and stunning designs of hearts and illustrated floral designs!
This book is full of images associated with weddings and celebrations - a female newlywed couple walking into the sunset, quotes in beautiful mandalas of love and commitment, scenes from the reception, hands with wedding rings, wedding cake toppers, Zen-doodled drawings of words associated with love and commitment, Zen-doodled drawings of wedding cakes with gorgeous patterns, and other amazing drawings. The drawings are on single-sided pages, glue-bound spine, non-perforated pages, and double-sided pages for crayons and colored pencils.
The sponsor of the book is Storybook Events who commissioned the line drawings for a coloring book to provide to brides for their wedding receptions. This book is a great price for the 50+ drawings, quotes, and illustrations in the book!
You can't just buy one - you NEED to buy dozens to pass out at the reception and for quests to take home. (A GREAT GIFT OR PARTY FAVOR!)
This coloring book was primarily created for coloring tables at wedding receptions to entertain the younger attendees, but also provide some fun and fulfilling entertainment for adults who love to color. This coloring book is sponsored by Storybook Events and Ivory Morgan-Burton (Certified Floral Designer), a full-fledged, event-planning company located in Norfolk, VA, offering local, state, and international event planning for weddings and corporate events, as well as floral design and decoration for corporate offices, special occasions, and wedding events.
Storybook Events and A Fulfilled Wish is LBGTQ friendly.
Coloring books will never lose their appeal - whether you are a pre-kindergarten toddler to the mature adult who is looking for something simple to play with for a solitary pursuit that provides artistic pleasure. Use the baseline designs and sketches to play and have fun. Beyond the promised health benefits of coloring, it's one of those activities that just happens to also be a lot of fun and you will find this delivers an entertaining pastime. Coloring can be cathartic for those needing something that doesn't take a lot of analysis or thought, while allowing them to pick and choose their personal colors to create an artistic masterpiece. There is no judgment here. Have fun.
Want more fun? Place a stack of these coloring books on a table with a bucket of crayons at a wedding reception so everyone - the younger kids and the older kids (at heart) - can have fun coloring for delightful entertainment!

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Your Wedding

RRP $10.99

This easy-to-read, magazine-style guide is designed to help couples as they prepare for their marriage ceremony. Illustrated with full-color photographs throughout, it helps couples clarify their own approach to the sacrament of marriage and provide creative support for each other during the preparation period and on into their new lives together.


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