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Taarab Music In Zanzibar In The Twentieth Century

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The musical genre of taarab is played for entertainment at weddings and other festive occasions all along the Swahili Coast in East Africa. Taarab contains all the features of a typical 'Indian Ocean' music, combining influences from Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula, India and the West with local musical practices. In Taarab, Music in Zanzibar, Janet Topp Fargion traces the development of the genre in Zanzibar, from the late nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth. Of special interest is the role of women. Although men play the main role in the composition and performance of the genre, Topp Fargion argues that the modernization of the genre owes a debt to the participation of women - as audiences and primary consumers, but also as poets and innovators of musical concepts. The book weaves together the historical, social, economic, religious and political dynamics involved in the development of the genre, and investigates how these are played out in the performance of taarab music on Zanzibar.

How To Plan Your Wedding Without Losing Your Mind

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One factor in modern life that causes the human person a great deal of harm is stress. Stress takes its toll on us physically, emotionally, and mentally. It may surprise you to hear that good and happy life events, such as getting married, also cause stress. Weddings are very stressful. Planning the wedding, paying for the wedding, dealing with family drama, high expectations, just the thought of getting married, hiring the right people, and the wedding day itself are all major stressors. Add to these practical considerations, the myths that surround our ideas of a "perfect" wedding, and we are asking for an explosion of stress that can very well ruin the entire experience for us. The pages of this book are dedicated to reducing the stressors you will experience as you plan your wedding and allow you to enjoy your special day with love, happiness, and satisfaction.

Music Of The Twentieth-century Avant-garde

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Presenting a view of the 20th-century music avant-garde without resorting to highly specialized jargon, this work offers an exhaustive history and analysis of contemporary music in a social, political, and artistic context. Distinguished contributors from around the world consider specific composers who represent the most progressive musical thinking of their time and place. Editor Larry Sitsky, an eminent Australian composer and teacher, has assembled an accessible, unique, and clearly written collection. Also exploring the links among this diverse group of composers, the guide offers a cross-index of names that will help the researcher formulate a cohesive view of the 20th-century avant-garde. A bibliography and list of selected works round out the volume, which succeeds in demystifying an area that, until now, has been the exclusive province only of the specialist.


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