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Taarab Music In Zanzibar In The Twentieth Century

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The musical genre of taarab is played for entertainment at weddings and other festive occasions all along the Swahili Coast in East Africa. Taarab contains all the features of a typical 'Indian Ocean' music, combining influences from Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula, India and the West with local musical practices. In Taarab, Music in Zanzibar, Janet Topp Fargion traces the development of the genre in Zanzibar, from the late nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth. Of special interest is the role of women. Although men play the main role in the composition and performance of the genre, Topp Fargion argues that the modernization of the genre owes a debt to the participation of women - as audiences and primary consumers, but also as poets and innovators of musical concepts. The book weaves together the historical, social, economic, religious and political dynamics involved in the development of the genre, and investigates how these are played out in the performance of taarab music on Zanzibar.

Pocket Wedding Planner

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You can have a wedding that you'll remember for ever - without breaking the bank. In this short, easy-to-read guide a professional wedding planner gives you the benefit of all her experience and advice on organising a fabulous wedding. Follow the checklists to find out how to deal with the hen and stag parties; the venue; drink and catering; cars and drivers; photographs; flowers; DJs; invitations; and - if you're the bride - The Dress! Use this book to plan your wedding and you will keep the romance in your very special day, without the stress and the costs spiralling out of control. In fact, you are likely to save hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

Contents: 1. The hen or stag party; 2. Venue; 3. Catering; 4. Wedding Cake; 5. Car and chauffeur; 6. Photographer; 7. Invitations; 8. Decorations; 9. Flowers; 10. DJ and disco/entertainment; 11. Wedding dress and other clothing; 12. Task list for planning the wedding day; 13. Budget planner; 14. Liz's final tips for planning your wedding reception.

Band Music

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In Band Music, Cicconi fills this gap by presenting wind band conductors with a comprehensive catalog of music written for the medium since the year 1995. This survey provides new information and research that, to this date, only existed for orchestral, choral, and "pops" music. For each work listed, Band Music provides its date of origin, duration, exact instrumentation, and publisher. It also includes a number of appendices that classify the repertoire by composer, title, and duration and offers a detailed list of publishers, an account of numerous compositions for which information is not readily available, and a directory of composers for future consideration and inclusion.


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Wedding Bridal Bridesmaid Groom
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